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    Zhang Tong's EU Jean-Monnet Chair Programme successfully completed

    The EU Jean-Monnet Chair Programme of 2020-2023 led by Prof. Zhang Tong, Director of the Centre for China-Europe Law Studies of CUPL, was successfully completed at the end of December 2023. Due to the successful approval of the project in July 2020, Zhang Tong was awarded the honourary title of 'Jean-Monnet Chair Professor of the EU Law' for the second time.The project participants were Prof. Z...

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    International Symposium on Legal Challenges and Responses in the Digital Age held

    The International Symposium on the Legal Challenges and Responses in the Digital Age, organised by the Centre for China-European/EU Legal Studies, was successfully held in Beijing on 16 September, 2023. Seven foreign scholars from the University of Munich, Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Jena, University of Münster and Radbud University in the Netherlands, as well as nearly 40 Chinese scholars fro...

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    Zhang Tong and Jiang Feng'an attend Annual Conference of European Law Institute of Chinese Association for European Studies

    Director Prof. Zhang Tong and Dr. Jiang Feng'an, from the Institute of European Law of the College, were invited to attend the 16th Annual Conference of the European Law Institute of the Chinese Association for European Studies & Symposium on the Transformation of European Law under Great Changes at the Tongji University in Shanghai on 2-3 June, 2023.The conference was hosted by the European La...

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    Roundtable on CAI and New Trade-related EU Initiatives: Opportunities and Challenges held

    The roundtable lecture on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) and New Trade-related EU Initiatives: Opportunities and Challenges was successfully held on 26 May, 2021. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Ye Bin and chaired by Prof. Zhang Tong. Prof.Fei Anling, Prof. Zhang Shujing, Dr. Jiang Fengan, Dr. Yang Ziran and more than 30 master's and doctoral students conducted extensive and...

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    Roundtable on International Organisation and Global Leadership successfully held

    The leture on the International Organization and Global Leadership was successfully held on 19 May, 2021. As an important platform for global governance, international organisations such as the European Union are particularly important for their integration and leadership in the world in the face of complex and volatile international situations and the coexistence of multipolar forces. The roun...