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CCL holds Summer Teacher-Student Badminton Game

Date:May 27, 2024     Click:     Source:

In order to improve the physical fitness of students and enrich students' campus life, the College held the eighth summer badminton game on Haidian Campus on 25 May, 2024.  

The competition was divided into five events, namely Women's Singles, Men’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Group round-robin tournaments and elimination tournaments were adopted in the game. Nearly 20 teaching faculty members and students of the College, including Prof. Xie Libin, signed up for the games.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the game officially began. After the players’ simple warm-up, the referee organised the drawing of lots and read out the rules of the match, and then competition began. During the competition, the players put their heart and soul into it and showed their strength. A series of all-out smash and urgent saves turned into a succession of brilliant moments on the court. The players adhered to the principle of ‘friendship first, competition second’ and actively participated in the competition, while establishing a deep friendship with the opponent.

After an afternoon of intense competition, in the women's group, student Li Yongqi won the singles event, and students Mo Qingwen/ Hou Xiaolin won the doubles event. In the men's group, Xie Libin won the singles, while Wang Zhaoyi / Geng Chang won the doubles. Students Li Yongqi / Lin Hongwei won the mixed doubles championship.

This activity not only provided the students who love badminton with a platform to exchange and display, creating a good fitness atmosphere, but also played a role in strengthening their physiques and enhancing their friendships. The participating athletes perfectly interpreted the spirit of ‘friendship first and competition second’.