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    Sino-Italian Law Forum Serial Lectures:Aldo Petrucci gives a lecture

    Professor Aldo Petrucci, Vice President of the University of Pisa & full professor in Roman Law at the Department of Law of the University gave a lecture on the Society as a Model of Organising Economic Activities from Roman Law to Modern Experience online to the students at the invitation of the College of Comparative Law on the evening of 27 Nov, 2023.The lecture was held online and on-site, ...

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    Pan Deng speaks to People's Daily on President of Uruguay's visit to China

    During the visit of President of Uruguay Louis Alberto Lacalle Pou to China from 20 to 24 Nov, 2023, A/Prof. Pan Deng from the College gave an interview to a reporter from the People's Daily on the achievements of this visit and expressed his views in particular on the prospects of bilateral cooperation in the economic and trade fields.The English version of People's Daily, the home page of the...

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    Feng Kai gives a lecture on Norms of Dissertation Writing

    ​In order to help students improve the ability to write papers and better their preparation for dissertation, the College held a lecture on the Norms of Dissertation Writing on Xueyuanlu Campus on the afternoon of 21 Nov, 2023.The lecture was given by Prof. Feng Kai, Director of the China-America Law Institute of the College as well as supervisor to doctoral students. This year’s graduating s...

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    Pan Deng speaks to Prensa Latina and receives international public attention

    A/Prof. Pan Deng from the College accepted an exclusive interview with the Beijing Branch of Cuba's national news agency Prensa Latina and commented on the just-concluded meeting between Chinese and American heads in San Francisco on 16 Nov, 2023.Prensa Latina produced a press release as the main mastermind of the day, which included the “global significance of the meeting”, “the root causes...