XIE Zhiyong


Professor XIE Zhiyong


Employment and Other Appointments

Professor of Law & PhD Supervisor, Dean of the College of Comparative Law, Director of the Centre of Health Law, CUPL; Member of the Council of the China Administrative Law Society; Executive Member of Beijing Administrative Law Society.



1999 - present, over 100 articles on journals like China Legal Science and Chinese Journal of Law, including over 50 articles on SSCI and CSSCI.


Research & Teaching Grants

2005 - present, 2 key projects and 1 youth project, the National Social Science Fund of China; over 10 projects, provincial and ministerial fund.



2017 Administrative Litigation Mediation, Third Prize (Books), China Law Achievement Award, China Legal China Law Society;

2016  Administrative Prosecution: the Third Approach to Resolve Administrative Dispute Solution, (2015) 1 China Legal Science, First Prize, National Procuratorial Theory Research;

2013 New Century Personnel, Ministry of Education, PRC;

2010 – present, 2 time First Prize, Annual Administrative Law Excellent Paper, China Law Society;

Multiple achievements were adopted by the central government and certain national departments.