CHI Ying


CHI Ying


Gender: Female

DOB: December, 1970

Title: Associate Professor of Law

Degree: PhD

Research Fields: Civil and Commercial Law, Comparative Law



PhD degree in Civil law from University of Passau, Germany, December 2004;

LL.M. from University of Passau, Germany, August 2002 ;

Juristic Master from Chinese University of Political Science and Law, July 2001;

Bachelor of Economics from Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, July 1993




"Pre-Contractual Liability (culpa in contrahendo) in Chinese law", Verlag Dr. Kovac, Hamburg 2005


1. The Institute of Debtor-Creditor-Supplier Relationship in German Consumer Credit Law”, (Comparative Law 2006/3)

2. The Application of the Right to Plea in the Supply Contract to the Credit Contract in the Debtor-Creditor-Supplier Relationship (Legal Forum 2007/5)

3. The Right to withdraw from the Contract for the Protection of Consumer in German Law  (Politics and Law 2008/6)

4. Einordnung der c.i.c. in das chinesische Zivilhaftungssystem,in "Zeitschrift für Chinesisches Recht" (ZChinR) 2008/4

5. Werner Flume - Prominent Jurist of Twentieth Century - and Private Autonomy, (Comparative Law 2009/2);

6. The Essence of Juristic Act —— Private Autonomy, (Hebei Faxue 2011/1)

7. From the Evolution of the Institute of Liability for the Material Defects to see the Trend of Internationalization of German Law for Breach of Obligations, (Yanjiusheng Faxue 2011/1)

8. Reform of the Auxiliary Obligation in Chinese Law —— based on the Contractual Protective Obligation in German Law, (Politics and Law 2011/7)

9. Translated essay "Humanism and Human Rights of Roman Lawyer Papinian" (Ulrich Manthe), in "Collected works of the Chinese and German Law Conference"

10. Translated essay "Protection of the Employee's Personality Rights in the Employer-Employee-Relationship" (Coester), in "Collected works of the Chinese and German Law Conference"

11. Translated essay "The Principle of numerus clausus in Property Law" (Wiegand), in "Sino-German Private Law  Research"

12. Translated essay "tatkräftig und gelehrt" (H.H. Jakobs), (Comparative Law 2009/2).