About CCL

The Institute of Sino-German Law


The Institute of Sino-German Law was founded by the China University of Political Science and Law in November 2002 and began to admit postgraduate students focusing on comparative law since 2004. It is an integrated teaching and research institution combining graduate education, scientific research, international cooperation and exchange and social services. The Institute is co-established by the China University of Political Science and Law, Freiburg University, Munich University, University of Cologne, Frankfurt University, Hamburg University, Humboldt-University Berlin and University of Muenster.


Over last decade, the Institute has so far admitted and trained over 500 students, including LLM students, doctoral students and postdoctoral fellow as well as students from German partner universities. It selects and sends around 20 students with full scholarship to the German universities to study for a LLM degree in accordance with the agreement mentioned above. Up to date, the Institute has sent about 200 students. The graduates from the Institute are proficient in Chinese and German Law and most of them are capable of using German language at work. Their employment areas include legal practice, governmental official and higher education, among which they are very popular. The Institute has gained a sound reputation in both China and Germany for its high performance in German law and comparative law research field.



Director: XIE Libin; Deputy Director: HUANG He.